I was recently reflecting on what to write as my next blog post, and it occurred to me that I would love to hear from the people who are following my blog.

Perhaps you have a talking point that you would like to share, or a question that you would like to ask, or something that you would like to see in a blog post. It could be something that has come up for you along the way as you have been reading this blog, or it could be a question relevant to the approach described in my blog posts. Whatever the case, I would like to invite you to comment below (or comment on the blog Facebook page). I will respond to all comments.

– The featured image in this blog post is a photo by Bruno Scramgnon from Pexels

Who am I? 
I am a leadership and life coach, available for coaching and facilitation services. If you feel that it would be useful to have a conversation with me, please feel free to view my services on the Leading and Being website.

8 thoughts on “Talkback Tuesday – 30 April 2019

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Motivation is a great topic and one that, if I am honest, is quite relevant to me at the moment. With your permission, I would like to reflect on motivation and then produce a blog post about it. My immediate thought, which I would like to share here, is around the way of being that supports being motivated and also the way of being that limits motivation. If I am not feeling motivated to do something, what am I saying to myself about that particular situation? What moods are associated with that? How am I embodying my experience of not being motivated? Similarly, what is missing from my language, moods and body that would support me in being motivated? I have a few examples that are coming to mind, and I will commit to sharing these in a blog post during the next few days, if that is on with you?


    2. I posted my thoughts on motivation today. I wanted to acknowledge your inspiration for this post and have included a link back to you in my post. I realised after publishing that I should probably have asked your permission. If this is an issue, please let me know and I will remove the link. Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciated the opportunity for reflection.

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  1. Your posts are always great and I love reading them. You are certainly on a fantastic journey. What challenges you the most in your work life and what challenges do you love? I loved reading your last post and how these blogs were going to be about your journey, but you are enjoying them and find they help you so may help others. I think that is most certainly true. Keep writing about whatever you feel is right. Always a joy to read. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate your feedback. It was quite interesting to feel what was happening for me when I shifted from blogging about my past to blogging about the present. Now, however, I am loving the freedom that is coming with that. Your question about challenges is a great one, thank you. I think that my biggest challenge at the moment is that I am working full time in an IT job that I love, whilst trying to work on my coaching business. The challenge that I love is communicating with people to get results. I love applying everything that I have learnt along the way in my journey to bring about results, and am passionate about using what I have learnt to bring about change in the world of leadership.

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      1. Sounds like you have accidentally found a passion which is awesome! It must be hard working full time and building your business….when all you want to do is probably build your business. I understand that challenge…not enough hours in the day! Your passion comes through in your blog posts and you will see results with your clients for sure. I think using personal experience helps you in understanding and encouraging/support to your clients as well as creating the change in Leadership!

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