What does it mean to be a resourceful version of yourself?

I was reflecting on this recently, in an attempt to understand my own interpretation of resourcefulness. For me, I think it means having access to ways of interacting and being with others that can potentially turn situations around. A few years ago, when I was at my least resourceful, I didn’t seem to know how to have a difficult conversation without taking things personally, for example. Now, I like to think that I can find useful ways of interacting in most situations.

so, for Talkback Tuesday this week, I am curious about what being resourceful means to you with regard to the way in which you interact with others. If you were to say that you had acted resourcefully in a difficult interaction with someone, what would that mean?

I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.

As a leadership and life coach, these points are all points that I am able to help people to explore. If you feel that it would be useful to HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH ME, please feel free to visit my contacts page or view my services on the Leading and Being website.

Featured Image Source: Kim Thomas from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Talkback Tuesday – 2 July 2019

  1. For me I think it’s being able to give people information succinctly as I can be a waffler. So managing to get my points across without lots of unnecessary details. I also try to go straight to the horses mouth when finding info out, rather than get details that are five people in….if that makes sense. I hate gossip so for me it means I get a true accurate picture (in particular a work situation) rather than being told it with inaccuracies! 😃

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