Hi! Thank you for dropping by! I’m Deanne. I love reflecting on the things that pop up in everyday life, and how to deal with them. And that’s why I started this blog.

What is the Purpose of this Blog?

Initially, this blog was about sharing my personal experience of self-doubt. Now, it is about sharing my experiences of everyday life and the perspectives that I attach to those experiences. My goal is to share aspects of everyday life that may be useful for others. Perhaps it will help you see a situation differently. Perhaps it will give you tools for responding to situations differently. Perhaps it will simply give you reassurance that we all have our own challenges and that is ok. If others can find something helpful in my blog, then that’s my mission accomplished!

My thoughts, opinions and work are open to interpretation. Please don’t take my ideas as the truth. The ideas worked for me in the way that I describe on this website. You might choose to interpret or apply them differently. You may decide that some of my ideas won’t work for you at all. That’s ok. We are all different and I think our goal should be to find what works for each of us as individuals. I am simply offering the possibility of different perspectives and providing some food for thought. The meal that you create from that food for thought is your choice, because it is relevant to you.

I am a Coach

As you read through, you will discover that I am a coach. This blog, however, is not about me telling you that you need a coach in your life and it has to be me. It is about sharing how, in my everyday life prior to becoming a coach, I dealt with a fairly significant challenge. One with which I was very much struggling in oh so many ways. This is about sharing thoughts that might help others. It is about giving back to the world following my own journey.

If, as you read through, you are still curious about my services as a coach, then please feel free to book a short,no-obligation call with me. There’s a button at the bottom of this page.

An Invitation…

Please, read and enjoy my blog. If you would like to comment, you are invited to do so. I welcome conversations regarding my posts. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate our way through life and if interacting on my blog helps someone with their own navigation, then I would love to be a part of that.

My passion lies in coaching people to become the most resourceful version of themselves, and helping new and upcoming leaders who may be struggling with everyday life as a leader. I believe that the ability to be whatever we want to be lies within each of us, and sometimes it is useful to have help in finding what and where that is.

Curious? Book a quick, no-obligation call with me now and discover how we might work together.

Header Photo Source: Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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