When we were on our holiday recently, we drove past entire paddocks of the plant Echium plantagineum; beautiful thick carpets of purple. It looked as though it had been planted deliberately, and was a sight to behold. However, for all its beauty, it is a very invasive weed, and those beautiful, unintentionally purple-filled paddocks are often loathed by those who own them.

Millions of hectares of land in the Southern part of Australia, from Western Australia to New South Wales, are covered in this plant. The total annual cost to Australian farmers in lost productivity, control costs and wool contamination is hundreds of millions of dollars. It is an aggressive plant, taking over from preferred plants and yet providing nothing to farmers in return. It is poisonous to any animal that does not have a ruminant digestive system. So, it will kill a horse. Sheep and cattle can graze on it for some time, although prolonged grazing is harmful.

It is perhaps understandable that this plant is known as Paterson’s Curse.

A fact that I found interesting is that in drought stricken parts of Australia, Echium plantagineum is known as Salvation Jane. When everything else has died off, it can be a source of food for grazing animals (with a ruminant digestive system). It can’t be used in a prolonged manner, however it can be used for a short time when there is nothing else.

As we were driving past the beautiful yet loathed paddocks of Paterson’s Curse recently, it occurred to me that how this plant is seen is all about interpretations. When people are trying to earn a living and this plant is making that difficult to do, it is seen as a curse. When the drought hits and there is nothing else and people’s livelihood is at stake, it can be seen as a salvation. Neither interpretation is right or wrong. They are simply different interpretations, being made by people who are observing situations based on their own moods, emotions and experience.

There are, I think, some parallels between this plant and life.

We observe situations from the way of being that we are in at any given moment, and from there, we take some form of action. Sometimes, we don’t even realise the interpretations that we are making or the actions that we are taking; they just happen, totally transparent to us. However, if we are not aware that there are multiple ways in which a situation can be interpreted, and we are not aware that our own interpretation is not necessarily the only interpretation, we run the risk of inadvertently taking action that is not useful for us.

When we acknowledge that our interpretations are simply interpretations and not a truth, paying attention to them, and noticing the action that we are taking from them, we can determine what is and isn’t serving us and we can then make a choice about how we respond. This, I think, can be incredibly powerful. It can also be freeing, as we start to see possibilities that we were once unable to see.

Points to Ponder…

The invitation is to think of a situation that may not be going as you would like it to.

  • What interpretations are you making?
  • What interpretations are you seeing as the only interpretation?
  • What interpretations may be more useful?

As a leadership and life coach, I help others to see new possibilities. If you feel that it would be useful to have a conversation with me, please feel free to view my services on the Leading and Being website.

4 thoughts on “How a Plant can be Seen as Both an Invasive Weed and a Blessing

  1. Great post! Totally come at the right time for today! Your photo is lovely and the weed is so beautiful! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.
    This has made me think about my current situation with relaunching my massage and coaching business – I keep thinking that I don’t have much free time in the evenings and weekends as I have plans so there is no point starting if I can’t be free a lot. However, your post has made me think and look at it differently – it’s not about being free all the time, but at selected times after my full time job and I am allowed to have free days at the weekend where I do what I want to do and my massage and coaching business can fit in around that as it is me calling the shots! It has to suit me!
    Thank you, this has resonated with me a lot. 😀 🌻🌼

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    1. Thank you regarding the photo. It is not mine, and details of the photographer, etc are at the bottom of the article. The plant does look pretty. We had a fabulous holiday, thank you! We saw a lot but also took it easy. It seems to me that you and I are in a very similar position with regard to our businesses and the time that we have available. I am only just realising that it is ok to not spend all of my spare time on my blogs/business and that has been freeing. Recently when I was feeling as though I hadn’t made progress, a friend pointed out that he saw me moving forward in my own way. So when I think I am not getting anywhere and it is all too hard, I ask myself whether I am still moving forward. That has really helped.

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