Recently, my daughter came to talk to me while I was scribbling away on my whiteboard. I drew a cloud with the word “wonder” written in it, then I gave her my whiteboard markers and asked her to draw what the mood of wonder meant to her. Below is what she drew:


I was quite impressed by her interpretation, which I think is saying that we can start off in a way of being that may not be resourceful and, by shifting to a mood of wonder, we can potentially shift to a way of being that is more resourceful. In the less resourceful way of being, we may be operating from anxiety, for example, and all that may be available to us is lashing out as depicted in the photo. In the more resourceful way of being, we have access to other actions, such as making a request to meet whatever may be missing for us.

So, for this Talkback Tuesday, I would like to invite you to reflect on the following:

  • What does the mood of wonder mean to you?
  • What moods do you enjoy operating from, and what do they make available to you?

– The featured image in this blog post is a photo by  Глеб from Pexels

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6 thoughts on “Talkback Tuesday – 28 May 2019

  1. Wonder is a good one…for me I link it to day dreaming…so if I’m in a wonderous mood I’m usually lost in thought which could be for a purpose or not. When I am in that space I can have some great ideas to push me on from a stagnant point or if it’s just a dream state then it can be blissful!


    1. Thank you for sharing! I love wonder. I find that when I mix it with acceptance/peace, I can create anything! I like how you have described it. I have interpreted wonder as a deep curiosity mixed with fun, and the visual that helps me with wonder is Alice in Wonderland. When I think of Alice in Wonderland, I think of there being lots of fun and amazing things to see, with Alice still moving forward through “life”, enjoying each stage and being curious about what she finds and what is to come. Curiosity always sounds a little clinical and fun-free to me when I think of it on its own. To me, wonder sounds more fun and engaging. Now that I think about it, perhaps that is the “day-dreaming” element which, for me, provides time to enjoy what I discover but doesn’t slow down progress. I do think of it as a blissful mood, and your comment has led me to thinking that again, it is that day dreaming element. Thank you so much – your comment has encourage lots of reflection for me. I had never considered the day dreaming element before, and that has been very useful.

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      1. I like your curiosity Alice in Wonderland description. That’s a good point. They are linked as day dreaming is the mind being curious and exploring ideas. Good points for me to think about. Thanks!

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