This isn’t really a blog post. It is more a gift.

As you may or may not know, I offer free monthly workshops via Zoom. Anyone can attend. They go for one hour, and usually cover a topic that we might find challenging in everyday life.

Since January is meant to be summer here in Australia, it is holiday time. So I decided that I would pre-record a session rather than hold a live session.

The session is titled How Do I Stick To My New Year Resolution. It goes for around 45-ish minutes, and I ran it in exactly the same way that I would run a live session, except without people to interact with.

Free Pre-Recorded Training

If you would like the free pre-recorded training, please click on this link. You won’t be asked for an email address, you will be taken straight to the recording. I know all of the rules say that I should have asked for an email address but I really just want this to be a gift to people, in case it is useful.

Other Info

If you decide that you like the pre-recorded workshop and you want to check out any of my free live workshops, please click on this link to check out the workshops and book a place. You will need to book in order to be sent the Zoom link.

Image by Lu Lettering from Pixabay

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