This week, I have been reflecting on procrastinaton. I think this is something that most of us do from time to time, and I am keen to hear your thoughts about it. What does procrastination mean to you, and what tasks are you likely to procrastinate on?

I believe that I have a tendency to procrastinate when I am uncertain about how to “get it right”. If I don’t know how to get something right, I can get into a cycle of procrastinating that is quite difficult for me to break. This tends to happen when I am starting something new, or if someone has provided me with instructions that just don’t feel clear to me. In these cases, I procrastinate because I don’t want to get it wrong; I worry about failure.

Understanding my procrastination a little has helped me to also find ways of turning it around. For example, if I felt that I had been given unclear instructions, I would seek clarification from the person who made the request.

Below are some questions that may or may not be useful for you in exploring your interpretation of procrastination. If you would like to share your thoughts, pllease feel free to comment below, or on the An Ontological Life Facebook Page.

Exploring Procrastination

  • What tasks are you likely to procrastinate on?
  • For the sake of what do you procrastinate on these tasks? (That is, what are you taking care of within yourself when you procrastinate? In my case, it is often a fear of “getting it wrong”)
  • What requests could you make of others that would be useful in turning the procrastination around?
  • What requests could you make of yourself that would be useful in turning the procrastination around?

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Who am I? 
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2 thoughts on “Talkback Tuesday – 11 June 2019

  1. Fear of getting it wrong and failing is why I procrastinate….in a work situation a few years ago I realised I was doing this and just spend 5 minutes on the task and built up over days just to get me started as it was a project that I didn’t know much about. Starting is the issue as it always seems bigger or tougher than what it actually is. Oh and letting people down incase it is wrong is another reason!

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    1. That sounds very much like me! Yes, I find breaking it down, and also declaring my concern to the appropriate people and/or making a request. When I am worried about letting people down, managing their expectations along the way also helps me.

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