My name is Deanne, and I live in Australia. A few years ago, I had an experience at work that nearly broke me.

I made a decision to seek help, and that resulted in me moving forward into a life of learning. I started to receive coaching from an ontological coach, and made some changes (that I never thought possible) to who I was being. This started to turn my life around. As I progressed on this journey, I made the decision to become an Ontological Coach. I now run my own coaching business.

What does “ontological” mean, I hear you ask? Great question!

Ontology is the study of how humans are being. Our way of being is made up of what is happening for us in language, emotional spaces and body (posture, breathing, etc). Our actions and behaviours come directly from our way of being.

If something doesn’t seem possible to us right now, it is most likely because our way of being isn’t allowing it to be possible. A change to the domains of language, emotional spaces and body can bring about a huge shift in what is possible for us in actions and behaviours.

This is the approach that I took when I had the experience that nearly broke me, and my aim in sharing my story is to to help others who may be experiencing something similar.

As a coach, I help everyday people to become more resourceful versions of themselves, helping to reveal the power within them, providing the possibility of managing the challenges that life presents.

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