What would you like to talk about this week? What have you learnt this week? What have you noticed happening in your way of being?

For me, today I have had some learning around wanting to have things under control. I went into mega-organised mode tonight and, as I was reflecting on this later, it occurred to me that I go into mega-organised mode when I don’t feel as though I have things under control. This was interesting learning for me, and I am now reflecting on what it means to have things under control, and why that is important for me. I haven’t quite got to the answers for this yet, and will continue to reflect on it.

So, that is my learning for today.

Perhaps you have some learning that you would like to share, or perhaps there is something that you would like to learn more about via a discussion. Whatever it happens to be, you are invited to share your thoughts in the comments below if you would like to. I will aim to reply to every comment.

4 thoughts on “Talkback Tuesday – 25 June 2019

    1. That seems to be a common reaction to not being in control for me. A question that I asked myself this time (that I am still working through) is “For the sake of what do I want to be in control”. I think also, for me, a further exploration of what it means to be “in control” would also be useful. It doesn’t appear to be something that I feel the need to always do. I think it kicks in when I am feeling uncertain.

      I hope the list goes well, and helps you along your way!

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