A few weeks ago in the 11 July Talkback Tuesday post, I provided a recording of “My Country” by Dorothea Mackellar and invited people to listen to it and take note of what they were saying to themselves while they were listening. There was then some discussion about this in the comments of that post.

Today I have completed a post on my leadership blog site that is about leadership and listening. I thought that I would also share the post on this blog site, for those who may have been curious about listening following the Talkback Tuesday post.

Please feel free to click on this link, if you would like to read about an interpretation of listening and how this can be used by leaders.

As a leadership and life coach, I help people explore how they are being in their interactions as leaders and in life. I use the Be. Do. Learn. approach to assist people in shifting their obstacles and turning them into pathways. If you feel that it would be useful to have a conversation with me, please contact me via the Leading and Being website or via email: deanne@leadingandbeing.com  

Featured Image Source: With thanks to Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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