Huge change doesn’t happen without help and support, and I would like to say thank you:

  • My amazing family, extended family and friends for your patience, support and love during that year, along the way and always.
  • Ian Higginbottom from Reflecting Power, my coach for two years. Wow. I have sat here, trying to find the right words. I am going to go with “I am beyond grateful”, although that doesn’t feel like enough to describe the learning and growth that came from our conversations, or Ian’s patience and medal-worthy efforts, especially at the beginning.
  • Alan Sieler from the Newfield Institute for the amazing Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching program (now the Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program). The distinctions that I include in my blog articles have come from my interpretations and application of Alan’s work. Any misinterpretations of the ontological work in my articles are my own doing.
  • Those in the Ontological Coaching Community within Australia who have so kindly given their time for conversations, support and so forth. (This blog idea came from one of those conversations – thanks Chris!)
  • The 2017-2018 Australian Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching Students. A great group of people, and lots of fantastic learning together.
  • The terrible year that was. I may never understand everything that happened. I will however, always be grateful for it, and for the learning and opportunities that came from it.